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we are who you've been looking for!

We haven't had a project we couldn’t handle, we have never left a project un-finished, and we always exceed our client's expectations.

All projects are assigned an active on-site project manager.

Our project managers are not standing around holding the clipboard, they are actively engaged in every project - swinging the hammer right with the team they lead. We believe success is built by our team and we take care of them through project level bonuses based on timeline, budget, and quality standards. Our "all hands on hammers" system makes sure that as we grow our standards are being met in the field. We are not just a group of as needed laborers, we are a team where everyone has a designated role. 

We reside in a 3,000 sq. ft. flex office building with 1,500 sq. ft. of climate controlled warehouse space for material storage. We have an extensive inventory of  equipment + tools needed for our team to service all trades. Our space allows us to bring in project materials and lumber shipments for storage before delivery to the job-site. Our cargo and utility trailers are prepared daily for each job/project. We don't waste our time with multiple home improvement store trips, running around for materials or not having the right equipment/ tools. We have successfully streamlined our processes through the vast capabilities provided by our facility. 

All of our projects have detailed, custom Gantt charts. This is one of the biggest kickers for us! Whenever we have an estimate, the customer says, "Hey, this is what I want to do, this looks good, let's move forward. Type up the contract." We get with our operations team, lay out the whole project from every specific division trade, showcasing, "Hey, each trade, how long from start to finish each one's going to take?" This determines the start date of a project to the end date of a project. We then process the timeline into the Gantt chart. The project completion date we determine goes into the contract, dividing up payment terms- meaning we are collecting money throughout the project so that our company profits are not taken until the completion of the project.

This strict planning and payment terms process holds our hand to the fire, giving you security in knowing that we will not slowly increase the budget for misc materials/labor throughout the project. Still not convinced that we do things differently? Within our contract, there is a payment penalty for every week the project goes past the project completion date. We're not going to be floating jobs and we're not going to be taking on more than we can chew. We are confident in our processes and our team.

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New Construction