From breaking ground doing the earthwork and utility work, concrete, steel, and all the way through finishes, we excel in bringing your project in on-time and on-budget. We service all commercial new construction private sector projects and our team is ready to build your facility.  

► Fully integrated team ready and prepared to assist you with full construction services from inception all the way through receiving your certificate of occupancy and moving into your building.

► 15 + years of experience in virtually every aspect of Ground Up Construction in the private sector.

► Surety payment and performance bond protected.

► Warranty coverage that includes operation processes to maintain budget and project timeframe completion goals.

commercial developer


The key to successful renovation projects is understanding the existing conditions of the project site and thoroughly cost evaluating the start and stopping points for each trade. We treat every renovation project with the same process as any other project with establishing a construction document set and thoroughly evaluating existing conditions. 

► Design-Build Renovation ​

► Design and Build to your target budget 


► Guaranteed Maximum Pricing ​

► Detailed Gannt chart for scheduling 

Interior Design Construction


As a Commercial Tenant Improvement and Finish-Out partner, Texas Built Construction will work with property owners and leaseholders to “white-box” space for potential new lease clients.

► Prepare for tenant improvements.

► Design and create tailored spaces for new retail business/office space.

► Make rental/lease space more appealing with custom building alterations.

Many restaurants, retail, and office buildings begin as an empty shell without the standard interior components such as walls, flooring, ceilings, plumbing, electrical, or other completed project components which would otherwise make it a turn-key space that is ready for business. We can help transform your empty structure into a turn-key space designed to fit your custom needs and make your dream a reality.

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We identify cost effective building solutions that ensure project success. Our pre development services provide a comprehensive and informed plan that will eliminate surprises and save time and money. During this critical decision-making stage, the proper balance between quality, cost and function is established and maintained. Knowing this, Texas Built Construction works diligently to contribute our knowledge of construction processes, current costs and value based solutions that enhance the pre-design process

► Preliminary Planning

► Due Diligence Research 

► Pre Development 

► Early Stage Detailed Cost Estimation

​► Initial Project Scope Assessment 

Construction infrastucture

Services Overview

  • Design Build

  • Traditional Design Bid Build

  • Construction Management at Risk 

  • Construction Management as Agent

  • Integrated Project Delivery

  • Client Focused 

We are flexible and always look for ways to make things possible, not reasons to make them impossible.  We strive to be a true partner and true member of your team.