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Process Breakdown For

Texas Built Construction is a Design-Build firm. Our process allows the client to have multiple estimations and budgetary checks during the design and build process, which will ensure that your project remains within your budget.

Anchor 1 - CODE & SITE

If you have land the first step for our team is to analyze the legal constraints of your property imposed by local ordinances and HOAs. This requires a survey plat of the property to begin. The team will establish building setbacks, maximum lot coverage, maximum height, etc.   

Estimated Process Time: 3 days

Code Analysis

Our team will create a Site Plan for your structure based on the Code Analysis and your requirements for the project. This will establish where the structure is being placed on the property and any other outdoor amenities such as detached garages, pools, patios, etc. This also includes easements, fire hydrants, and existing electrical connections.

Estimated Process Time: 7 days 

Site Plan

Floor Plan

Our team will draft an initial floor plan design based on your room requirements. The Client Coordinator will then arrange a Design Meeting with you to make live edits to your Floor Plan. A standard contract allows for 3 Design Meetings.

Estimated Process Time: 7 days

Elevation Views

Our team will design the exterior of the house based on your recommendations.  This includes the materials used (brick, stone, stucco), window placements, and roof design. 

Complete Initial Design: Within 21 Days

Anchor 2 - Floor & Elevation

Now that you've developed a Site Plan, Floor Plan, and Elevation views - our Senior Estimator will be able to give you a Detailed Estimate, which includes a breakdown of materials and labor required to build your structure. This is the first budget check during our Design-Build process.

Process Time: Within 30 Days

Decision Phase

After receiving your Initial Estimate it's time to make some decisions - you can proceed forward with the build by creating Construction Documents for the structure, or you can go back to the Design Phase in order to reduce the cost of the project. 

Anchor 3 - Estimate

Once you have approved the Estimate we can proceed forward in creating Construction Documents. During this phase every detail of the project is denoted and includes: doors, windows, hardware, cabinetry, electrical, etc.

Process Time: Within 60 Days

Now that you've completed your Construction Documents there are some additional cost that need to be accounted (electrical, cabinetry, etc.). We provide another Detailed Estimate in order to update the client on the cost of the project. This is to ensure the project stays within your budget. 

Anchor 4 - Construction Documents

Decision Phase

After receiving your Detailed Estimate it's time to make some decisions - you can proceed forward with the build by signing a contract to build, or you can go back to the Design Phase in order to reduce the cost of the project. 

After developing Construction Documents and approving the Detailed Estimate you can sign a contract to start building on a specified date. Our team will give you access to BuilderTrend, which will give you live updates on your project, provided you with scheduling details, and contact information for anyone who works on your project!

Total Process Time: 90 Days
Certificate of Occupancy: 365 Days

Anchor 5 - Construction Starts
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