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A Unique Culture 

The culture at Texas Built Construction is similar to a family. Everyone knows each other very well and is always there to support one another. The leadership team is constantly thinking of ways to keep employees happy and engaged at work. This can be anything from new employee on-boarding sessions, continuing education workshops, or philanthropic events we organize as a company to benefit organizations we feel passionate about. We take the time to host a company weekend event every quarter to reward our team and unite our families. 

While we do have certain processes and procedures, we do not let them shape the direction or culture of the company. We empower our people to achieve personal fulfillment through their career success. The upper leadership is invested in employees at all levels and truly care about each individual’s happiness and success. 

From the time you walk in the door, you know that we are a different kind of construction company. Our culture is defined by our core values and they are who we are and what we are about. There is a family oriented atmosphere at TBC that is hard to find among many other companies.

We pride ourselves on our people being ambitious and forthright with a passion for construction. We have employees who genuinely care for each other and that truly makes a difference when working towards the goals of our clients!


  • Assistant Project Manager 

  • Project Manager 

  • Senior Project Manager 


  • Design Coordinator 

  • Pre-Construction Manager 

  • Senior Pre-Construction Manager 


  • Business Development

  • Estimator 

  • Senior Estimator 


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