Embarking on a home addition project in Carrollton, TX, we’re aware that finding the right contractor is vital to bringing your vision to life. At Texas Built Construction, we pride ourselves on being the trusted partner homeowners need to expand their living spaces with confidence.

We’re not just builders; we’re creators of spaces that resonate with the personal style and practical needs of our clients. Whether it’s crafting an extra bedroom, a sunlit conservatory, or a spacious new den, we’re here to ensure your home addition blends seamlessly with your existing structure and enhances your lifestyle.

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Home Additions

Designing Your Home Addition

When envisioning the perfect home addition, we prioritize our customers’ unique needs and preferences. Our bespoke design approach ensures every aspect of the new space is tailored to your lifestyle and aesthetic inclinations. We understand that a home addition is a significant investment, and with Texas Built Construction, you’re placing your trust in a team dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

We consider the flow of your existing home’s layout, the function of the new space, and how it will enhance your daily life. Here’s how we address each stage of the design process:

  • Initial Consultation: We start with a thorough discussion about your goals, budget, and timeline.
  • Assessment: We evaluate your property to determine the best way to integrate the new addition.
  • Blueprints and Renderings: Our expert designers create detailed blueprints and 3D renderings, allowing you to visualize the addition before construction begins.
  • Material Selection: We guide you through choosing high-quality materials that fit both your taste and durability requirements.
  • Permits and Approvals: We handle all necessary permits and work to ensure the addition meets all local building codes and regulations.

Adhering to these steps, we work closely with you to ensure every detail is considered and every possibility is explored. Our commitment is to deliver a home addition that not only meets your needs but also surpasses your expectations.

Executing Your Home Addition Project

With a design plan in place, execution is where our expertise truly shines. Our team of skilled craftsmen brings years of experience to your home addition project. We understand that construction can be disruptive, and that’s why we work efficiently and meticulously to minimize the impact on your daily life.
Our project management ensures that:

  • You’re kept informed with regular updates.
  • The construction timeline is strictly adhered to.
  • Quality control is maintained at every stage.
  • Work areas are kept safe and clean.

It’s not just about adding space; it’s about enhancing the comfort and value of your home. We pay close attention to detail and take pride in our workmanship, from the foundation to the finishing touches. Our goal is to seamlessly blend the new addition into your existing home, ensuring it looks and feels like it was always there.

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Types of Home Additions

When considering expanding your living space, it’s essential to understand the types of additions that can transform your home. At Texas Built Construction, we’re experienced in a variety of extensions, each designed to meet your unique needs and enhance your home’s functionality and value.

The Larger Room Addition

Expanding an existing room can make a significant difference in your home’s feel and utility. Our team specializes in creating larger, more expansive spaces by extending the boundaries of your current rooms. Whether it’s a living room that needs to breathe, a kitchen that requires more functional area, or a bedroom that could benefit from additional square footage, we’ve got the expertise to scale your space perfectly.

The New Room Addition

There’s nothing quite like adding a brand-new room to your home. It’s not merely an extension; it’s a fresh canvas. From sunrooms to home offices, playrooms to mudrooms, we ensure that your new addition is a natural extension of your existing layout. Our streamlined design and construction process ensure your vision becomes a reality, with every detail tailored to your preferences.

The 2nd Story Addition

For homes with limited land space, going vertical is a smart solution. We’re well-versed in the complexities of adding a second story to your home, ensuring the structural integrity while doubling your living area. This addition can include multiple rooms or an entire new floor, offering a dramatic transformation of your space.

The Attic Addition

Unlock the potential of your underutilized attic. Converting this space into a liveable area adds a unique charm and value to your home. Whether you envision a cozy loft, an extra bedroom, or a private studio, we adeptly handle the conversion process, addressing insulation, ventilation, and access to make your attic a comfortable part of your home.

The Detached Addition

If your property has the room, a detached addition such as a guest house, garage, or workshop can provide the extra space you need without altering the footprint of your existing home. These standalone structures offer versatility and potential for both personal and professional use, crafted to match the design and aesthetics of your main residence.

At Texas Built Construction, we’re committed to delivering home additions that not just meet but exceed your expectations. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship, meticulous project management, and timely completion sets us apart as leaders in Carrollton, TX, home addition construction. Explore our services at Texas Built Construction and see how we can amplify your home’s space and style.

Why Choose Texas Built Construction

We’ve walked you through the journey of expanding your Carrollton home and it’s clear that Texas Built Construction stands out as the partner you need. Their dedication to crafting spaces that resonate with your unique style and functional demands sets them apart. With a comprehensive process that covers everything from design to execution, they ensure your vision becomes a reality. Whether it’s a spacious new room or a complete second story, their commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and project management promises a home addition that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Trust us when we say your dream space awaits with Texas Built Construction—where your home’s potential becomes their mission.