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Remodeling your garage can bring utility and value to your life and home. Garages are used for many things besides car storage. They can be storage areas for sports equipment and tools, include work areas and home gyms, and expand your living space if you do not use it as a car garage.

Garage remodels come in all shapes and sizes, from cosmetic makeovers to full conversions. This leads to a wide range of associated costs.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The national average cost range for a garage remodel is between $7,000 and $15,000, with most homeowners spending around $11,000 on a full 2-car garage remodel with new cabinet storage and floor coating.

This project’s lowest cost is around $3,000 for a cosmetic update with floor and wall paint and shelving. The high cost for this project is approximately $40,000 for a garage conversion that turns the garage into a bedroom and bathroom suite.

A cost break down is listed below.

Partial Garage Remodel

The average cost of a partial garage remodel averages $500 to $5,000. Partial remodels can take on many forms. It may focus on a specific thing, such as a new garage door, or be a cosmetic update of all surfaces like the floor and walls. Partial remodels make an older garage look better and can improve saleability. They do not change much in terms of the structure. This is a good option if your garage looks tired and rundown, and you want to give it a facelift.

Full Garage Remodel

A full garage remodel costs between $7,000 and $15,000 on average. This is the most common type of garage remodel for those who intend to use their garages for car storage. It usually involves a high-quality floor coating, custom cabinets and storage units, finished walls, ceiling, and new garage doors. The idea is to make the garage a functional, attractive, and easy to care for space. You can use the garage for more than just car storage, but it does not lower your home’s value the way that removing the garage to turn it into a living space does. Full garage remodels take on many looks and styles that meet a wide number of needs and homes.

Garage Conversion

Garage conversions have an average cost range of $20,000 to $75,000. Garage conversions make your car storage area into living space. This could mean a home office or workroom, bedroom, mudroom, living room, or even full apartment. Garage conversions have many pros and cons. They can expand your living space, particularly if you are not using it as a garage. They can be converted into nearly any room for any use, often for less than the cost for a full addition. However, if you plan on selling your home, converting your garage into a living space lowers your home’s value unless you add another garage on the property.

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