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The living room is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home. It is where people gather to entertain, relax, and converse. In some cases, it is also where children play and study and adults work. And whether you have a formal living room or it is the main attraction in the home, it helps if it looks and functions at its best.

A living room remodel makes the most of the space. They can transform the space, whether it needs a facelift or you want to add shelves or an entertainment center to improve storage and function.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The national average cost range for remodeling a living room is $2,500 to $15,000. Most homeowners spend an average of $8,000 on remodeling a 250 sq.ft. living room with hardwood floors, paint, lighting, and removal of one wall. This project’s low cost is $1,500 for painting the walls and refinishing an existing floor. The high cost is $20,000 for a full remodel of a 250 sq.ft. room with new flooring, lights, built-in storage and entertainment center, windows and window treatments, and paint.

A cost break down is listed below.

Cost By Size

The size of the space you renovate directly impacts the cost. You can renovate a living room in several ways with a range of costs, most falling between $10 and $60 a sq.ft., with high-end remodels falling above this range. The more materials used and the larger the space, the more labor that must go into it. Average living rooms typically range in size between 250 and 400 sq.ft. and have a range of associated costs, depending on what you do. Below are the average costs to renovate living rooms based on size. However, there is a wide range of options you can add, which may create costs outside these ranges.

Wall Cost

In most situations, your new living room likely has drywall for the main wall covering. However, this is not always the case. In some designs, you may want to include an accent wall of a different material. Or, your room may already have walls of a different material that you want to match.

Storage Cost

You can install some storage in the area to keep your living room from becoming cluttered. This can be as simple as floating shelves or as complex as built-in cabinetry and an entertainment center. Storage should be designed for your space for the best look and function. Ideally, you want the storage to work for the needs you have already.

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